SUCCESS STORY: How Hitting Reset on Her Money Mindset Earned Laura $50k Almost Immediately!

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I first worked with Laura Fenamore, Speaker, Author, Body Image Expert, and CEO of in my Private Mentoring Program. She then later joined Kweku, myself and the team in our Permission to Charge Academy, and she hasn’t looked back.

Here she shares how working on her money mindset enabled her to quickly book 4 clients at $12k each, and paved the way for big changes in her business. 

Laura, who is your Dream Client and what results do you provide for them? 

You might be my dream client if you have struggled with body image for most of your life. 

Maybe you have a long history of chronic dieting and hating your reflection, and you’re tired of feeling inadequate in your body and in your soul. 

You are burned out on methods and tactics and point systems, knowing that there must be a way to bring more balance and joy into your life in a healthy way. But you get stuck, because you just aren’t sure how to do that.

I provide experiential tools that are practical and sound, based in science and spirituality. With these, I teach women how to find peace, freedom, and balance in the relationship they have with their true home – their body – and with their whole self.

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Why are you passionate about the impact you’re making with your business? 

So many women suffer with regard to their body image, hating the way they look which in turn creates a sense of shame and guilt around those feelings. They are tired of hating on themselves and their body. They tell me things like:

“I want a life, I want to live.” 

“I want to grow old with grace and peace and health.”

And “I am sick of hating my body. I no longer want to abuse myself and my body.”

I offer these women hope, possibility, inspiration and a road map for them to find their way back to their true selves. 

The reason I am passionate about what I do is because I have been there. I have fought that war and come out victorious. You see, 29 years ago I lost 100 pounds for good; I survived a life-long hatred for my body no matter what it looked like, fat or thin. I know what a difference it makes to improve your health by coming from a strong sense of self-love, and I want to share that with the women who are where I once was.

When I get positive feedback from clients, my passion sparks even hotter and I am reminded of why it is that I do what I do. For example-

“In working with Laura, I faced the necessity of healing my body issues, not just to lose weight, but to release the memories, anger, and trauma that had been stored in my body. They prevented me from truly succeeding in life and in my business because they kept me blocked.” – J.L.

“Laura made a massive difference, not just in my weight loss, but in my life. I’d tried every diet, every pill, extreme exercise…I’d lose and gain the same 10-20 lbs. over and over through the years. Not until Laura did I begin to release the trauma that clung to that weight and steadily, that extra 20 lbs. melted away all on its own.” – K.K. 

What advice would you give to another coach who is trying to scale their business for growth? 

The same advice I give to every person on this planet, which is NEVER GIVE UP. And find support, because trying to do hard things alone in an already challenging world often sets you up for failure. Don’t be afraid to ask for help- from my experience, this is a sign of strength rather than weakness.

 What has been your experience while working with Jessica, Kweku, and the Team?

 What I value above anything else is the desire to serve, and Jessica and Kweku both embody that. I love how they have learned to work together and serve together; they complement each other and know how to use their strengths to their full capacity. In working with them, I find myself inspired by not only their amiable and engaging personalities, but also their business ethics and unrivaled ambition.

 What is the Before & After story (results) that you’ve achieved since working with Jessica? 

 Her role has been invaluable as she has supported and helped my business, Skinny, Fat, Perfect

Jessica walks her talk.
She has built an empire from nothing.


She helps you find depth and beauty in your business. When you meet her, you can’t help but be enchanted by not only her charisma and caring, but the inner wisdom and vast know-how that she exudes.

Jessica is worth every penny she charges, and I can tell you from personal experience that the investment will come right back to you. When I signed up to work with her, I enrolled FOUR $12k clients almost immediately.

Jessica, there are no words to describe how much I have learned from you.

The most helpful thing you did for me was wake me up to my money mindset.

You showed me, in the most loving way, that we will not heal our money story until we choose to heal our money story. It is simple and not easy for most of us. Seeing and working with that, ladies, is PRICELESS!

The financial rewards in my business continue to grow and grow. And again, words seem too empty to describe an experience that is so rich with rewards. Jessica- for you, I am forever grateful.

Thank you so much for sharing your story Laura! It was an absolute joy to work with you and I am so glad to be able to share your success with our Permission to Charge tribe!

 You can find out more about Laura on her website, Skinny, Fat, Perfect., where you can set up a discovery session called “Why Your Willpower ALWAYS Fails You!”

Learn 3 key elements on how you can lose weight and love yourself at the same time (and keep it off for good)!

 In that discovery session, you will learn:

❤ How to have and maintain the body you have always wanted (and never believed you could have).

❤ How to be around food pushers, holidays, and birthdays without feeling like you have to overeat. 

❤ How to lose weight with my secret ingredients, not through willpower.

Be the success story

PS Don’t forget to sign up for Laura’s FREE Masterclass “Discover 3 Proven Ways to Get The Body You’ve Always Wanted without Failing at Diets!” REGISTER HERE!

Kylie WardSUCCESS STORY: How Hitting Reset on Her Money Mindset Earned Laura $50k Almost Immediately!

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