From Barely Booked to Booked Out: How Jeannine Maximised Her Email List to Fill Her Calendar, and Sell 6 Programs in 8 Weeks!

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To run a successful Coaching business, you need to juggle a lot of moving parts. The biggest priority though, is always to get Consultations on your calendar, because without consults, you have no clients, and without clients, well, you have no business! 

Our featured Coach today, Jeannine Addonisio, the ‘‘Back in the Game of Dating’ Coach, knows this better than anyone. 

After a quiet period in her business, with no consults and no new clients, Jeannine joined myself, Kweku and the team in the Permission to Charge® Academy, and in a very short period of time, was able to turn that all around. 

Read on to find out how she did it!

 Who is your Dream Client and what results do you provide for them?

Single successful women frustrated with dating and ready to attract a quality man.

I help women in their late 30’s and 40’s+, get back in the dating game, unravel fears and past relationship patterns that no longer serve them, regain their confidence, and attract a quality man. 

I show them that it’s time to adapt to modern dating,and see it in a whole new refreshing light, all while living an exceptional life now.

 Why are you passionate about the impact you’re making with your business?

I am beyond passionate about supporting these women because I literally teach every thing that I myself have experienced first hand. I walk the talk and know what works… from divorce to getting unstuck and out of my own head, to unraveling past patterns, walking through my fears,  embracing modern online dating and opening my heart to love again.

 It’s time single women at any age live their exceptional life now.

 What advice would you give to another coach who is trying to scale their business for growth?

To have a personal Business Coach, be patient with yourself for at least the first 3 years as a new entrepreneur and to deeply realize that your emotional well-being correlates directly to your business success. 

Also that your people (in this case my Women) will connect with you more as you become more vulnerable and share your personal, hands-on experiences (in my case, my personal dating and relationship experiences).

What has your experience been working with Jessica, Kweku and the Team?

I love the team effort that both Jessica and Kweku bring forth. I appreciated their availability as they always made the time for private 1:1 calls when needed. In addition, meeting 3 times a week is excellent support.

Before I met Jessica and Kweku I was on a dry spell when it came to getting clients.  

After just a few short, yet powerful meetings with Jessica and Kweku, immediate shifts took place.

After just 2 sales training calls with Kweku, I started booking clients. I sold 6 programs within 2 months. I also built a webinar with Jessica’s support and shifted my ‘call to actions’ in my writing.

Coaches Note: Jeannine is a powerhouse coach in my opinion. For any woman approaching 40 or over who is done with the games, the ghosting and other frustrating aspects of the new modern dating world….Jeannine is your gal and will help you attract a quality man, while learning to love yourself and your life to the fullest NOW (before you even find the man!).

When Jeannine came to us in the Academy, we focused on what she had—her email list.  

Through a series of targeted emails written to her list, she began immediately booking discovery sessions after many months of no new clients coming through the door.

She worked on mastering her enrollment skills and began enrolling clients.

We helped her clarify her messaging, her ideal “dream” client and put together a high-end client application system.  

Now she also has a powerful presentation which can be used online as a webinar AND offline when she is speaking and presenting in public.

I’m so thrilled with the results she’s been creating for herself and now for her new clients—she is truly changing women’s lives for the better.

Thank you Jeannine for the work that you do!

To find out more about Jeannine, you can head to her website, and download her free gift Modern Dating: 3 Secrets to Get Dates, Stay Empowered and Magnetize Real Love.

You can also join her private Facebook group, Get Back in the Game of Dating, created to inspire, guide and empower women over 35 to get back in the game of dating.

Be the success story

PS Join me LIVE this Friday on my Facebook page, for a free training, “What Not to Focus On in Your Coaching Business (if you ACTUALLY want to make money!)


Kylie WardFrom Barely Booked to Booked Out: How Jeannine Maximised Her Email List to Fill Her Calendar, and Sell 6 Programs in 8 Weeks!

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