SUCCESS SPOTLIGHT: Two VIP Day Bookings Turned Into Two Membership Program Enrollments – Find Out How She Did It!

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I am so excited to introduce you to this week’s Success Spotlight, Sandi Jacobs, Founder of Life With Zest: More Time, More Energy and More Freedom for Busy Professionals.

Sandi worked with me in my Lucrative & Live Program, and to say that she took what she learned and used it to put herself on the fast-track to success is an understatement – she booked TWO VIP Intensives while she was practicing her Discovery Call language with colleagues!

You can connect with Sandi in her Facebook Community the Life With Zest Inner Circle

Another reason I wanted to introduce you to Sandi is because she is a passionate, driven entrepreneur who practices what she preaches, dropping over 30 pounds in the last year and a half, despite having had a knee replacement. 

Read Sandi’s story in her own words below.

Who is your Dream Client and what results do you provide for them?
My Dream Client is a busy Entrepreneur or Professional who wants quick,easy solutions andsupport to stay on track with their health goals. They want fun and to enjoy the process, so it doesn’t feel like a burden or another thing to check off of their to-do list.

 Why are you passionate about the impact you’re making with your business?

I’ve been studying natural health and wellness for most of my life. I get so much joy knowing that I’m helping busy professionals live longer, healthier, happier and better QUALITY lives! 

I love to put fun into healthy living because most people think of healthy living as boring and a chore. It’s easier to stay on track when you enjoy it and there are easy ways to set yourself and your kitchen for health success.

Since my clients are so busy, they find it difficult to stick to a healthy lifestyle, preparing healthy meals. Once they get the hang of it they wondered how it seemed so daunting before.

What advice would you give to another coach who is trying to scale their business for growth?  

  • Just take one step at a time and never give up on your dreams. 
  • Listen only to people who have done it successfully already.

How would you describe your experience working with Jessica in the Lucrative & Live Program?

Jessica laid out the format of a VIP Day, which was what I was looking for. She introduced others who have had successful coaching businesses and how they used VIP Days to reach their goals and help their clients by making a difference…right away!

I now have the confidence to hold VIP Days, and just like my clients, wonder why I thought it would be so difficult and daunting!

Jessica was patient with us all and held a remote VIP Day, which was perfect for me to see, as that is how I’m doing mine now.

What are the results you have achieved since you took the Lucrative & Live Program? 

I was hoping to help my clients get faster results and since they are so busy, some don’t want to take the time to wait to learn. 

VIP Days give them the tools to learn custom ways to prep meals, and their kitchens so they can set themselves up for success no matter what their health goals are. 

We’ve all tried to stay on track with only our willpower, but sometimes willpower is not enough. 

Just like in their business life, they learn easy ways to create tasty meals for their families and when they entertain. They learn how to maintain healthy choices on the road and when eating out. It all comes down to being prepared.

My first two VIP Days came about from practicing discovery sessions with another coaching colleague and a coach of mine. They both, in separate calls, started with their VIP Days and joined my membership program: the Life With Zest Club, for ongoing support

They both had separate challenges preparing meals for their families, as well as allergies that needed to be taken into consideration. They both loved the chance to get customized help to get healthy meals on their table.

They both walked away with specific plans that they could implement right away. We even cooked (remotely). One used her new kitchen appliance and I walked her through using and cooking in it.

 The second one watched me prepare a 2-ingredient chicken in no time what-so-ever, as well as added green veggies and some tasty balsamic onions that I had made while prepping a day before,  for my week.

It was so much fun to see their accomplishments right away and hear what their family members had to say!

 You can connect with Sandi in her Facebook Community the Life With Zest Inner Circle

Congratulations Sandi! I am so excited to see where your journey takes you next.

Be the success story

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Kylie WardSUCCESS SPOTLIGHT: Two VIP Day Bookings Turned Into Two Membership Program Enrollments – Find Out How She Did It!

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