She Gave Herself Permission to Charge! How Sonjia Learnt to See the Value in Her Expertise and Booked Her First $3k Client!

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We have all had those moments where we have wished and hoped for more. But how often do we take action on it?

My client, Sonjia “Lioness” Mackey, Owner/Founder of “Bucket List Beasts” has built her business around inspiring and motivating people to step up and take that action and demand more for themselves.

She has helped many people to do exactly that, but for a long time, she didn't ask for more for herself. More money that is.

See below, in her own words, how stepping up and recognising the value she was providing others, and giving herself Permission to Charge, led her to her first $3k client and transformed her business!

Who is your Dream Client and what results do you provide for them? 

People who are unhappy and want “more” out of life – more fun, more freedom, and more fulfillment! I help them live their best, happiest, most fearless, fulfilling, and kick-ass lives!

My niches are guiding people in discovering their purpose and passions, and empowering people trapped in a mundane, routine, mediocre, 9-to-5 existence so they can escape the “Corporate Life” to live the “Dream Life!”

Why are you passionate about the impact you’re making with your business? 

Simply put – because life is too short to be unhappy! I love helping people turn their dreams into reality and start living life out loud, to the max, and on purpose!

What advice would you give to another coach who is trying to scale their business for growth? 

We often hold our own selves back from greatness – out of fear – fear we’re not good enough, fear we lack certain skills, fear no one will buy what we have to sell, etc.

The best advice I can give to a coach looking to scale their business for growth is to trust the purpose and dream that lies within you. Don’t be afraid to stretch beyond the comfort zone of the “known” and reach for higher heights!

When you declare what you want and step forward to seek it with clear, focused intention, the Universe delivers – every time!

What has your experience been working with Jessica, Kweku and the Team? 

Jessica, Kweku, and the team gave me the professional, strategic guidance I needed…and also the swift kick in the rear end that I needed to trust myself and start putting my expertise out into the world – for a charge!

What are some of the results you have achieved since starting the Academy? 

• I started connecting and building a relationship with my Facebook community via regular, live video streams
• I started booking more qualified consults
• I booked my first coaching client for a $3,000, 8-week coaching program
• I learned my expertise has value, and I should give myself “Permission to Charge!”


Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Sonjia! We are so proud of you, and cannot wait to what is next for you on your journey!

To find out more about Sonjia and her work, sign up via the “Coming Soon” page of Sonjia's soon-to-be-relaunched website at, where you will be able to get a free guide and template to create your own epic bucket list!

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Kylie WardShe Gave Herself Permission to Charge! How Sonjia Learnt to See the Value in Her Expertise and Booked Her First $3k Client!

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