SUCCESS SPOTLIGHT: How Eboni Achieved Her First $10K Month…And Then Doubled It!

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I am so excited to share this week’s success story!

Eboni L. Truss, the Speak to Get Clients Mentor, first worked with me in my Big Vision Planning program, because she knew she wanted to grow her business, and impact more people, and boy, has she done exactly that!

Read her story in her words below.

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Who is your Dream Client and what results do you provide for them?

My dream clients are female entrepreneurs and business owners who are tired of inconsistent clientele and ineffective marketing.

She wants #MoneyAndImpact and is ready to grow her business. So, what I do is teach her how to use free speaking to get all the clients she wants!

Why are you passionate about the impact you’re making with your business?

I LOVE what I do because I get the privilege of helping women all over the country to share their genius with those who need them.

My clients become best selling authors, sought after speakers, and dynamic course creators.

They show up for those who need them and they get paid their worth to do it! I watch women go from being timid, frustrated, and confused to being confident, clear, and thriving.

Who wouldn’t be passionate about helping to make that happen everyday?

What advice would you give to another coach who is trying to scale their business for growth?

Free speaking should be the center of not only your marketing plan, but also of your entire client attraction strategy.

Whether on or offline, free speaking is arguably the MOST effective way to enroll new clients and serve more people. There are so many benefits, a primary one being that when you create and present a Client-Attracting Signature talk consistently in front of groups of your ideal client, you shorten the sales cycle from several weeks to within 24-72 hours!

Free speaking is a powerful method, I dare say the most powerful method, to grow your business, hands down. And this marketing method is exactly what I teach my clients to do.

What has your experience been working with Jessica, Kweku and the Team?

I started with the Big Vision Planning, Money Breakthrough Method programs, before moving onto the Lucrative & Live VIP Days program, the Permission to Charge Academy, and now I’ve “graduated” to the Expansion Mastermind.

It has been a tremendous experience! I didn’t know what I didn’t know and as such I couldn’t make up the gap. I knew from my experience and from my clients that I’m a rock star at what I do and the results I deliver, but there was something missing. Jessica, Kweku, and the team have been that “missing link” for me.

How has your business changed, and what results have you achieved since starting the Academy?

Before starting the Academy, I was low-balling myself. As Jessica says, I needed to give myself permission to charge my worth. I had clients all across the country, but my prices didn’t reflect the value I bring to the marketplace.

With Jessica’s coaching and guidance, I have totally revamped my business model, created time freedom in my business, celebrated my first $10,000 month last month, and am now on track to double that this month!

Where can we learn more about your work and do you have a special gift to share?

You can definitely find out more about me and what I do by joining my FB group Speak to Grow Your Business. It is the spot where I conduct free training and give tips all around speaking to get clients.

FREE GIFT: “Pitch to Profit Speakers Toolkit: How to Get Booked on More Stages (So You Can Consistently Attract Your DREAM Clients!). Get your FREE copy at

Eboni, you are an absolute powerhouse! We are so proud of everything you have achieved so far, and know that there is so much more ahead for you.

You have approached each program with enthusiasm, you have learnt, implemented and been coachable every step of the way.

Thank you so much for sharing your success with us!

Be the success story






Kylie WardSUCCESS SPOTLIGHT: How Eboni Achieved Her First $10K Month…And Then Doubled It!

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