How Heather Learnt to Give Herself Permission to Charge….and the Confidence to Say No

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I worked with this week’s Success Spotlight client, Holistic Life Coach, Heather A Dempsey, prior to developing our current Permission to Charge® Academy, and in the time since our private mentoring sessions, she has grown into her coaching business and shown that charging your worth isn’t just about setting your prices – it is also about owning the value of your work and knowing exactly who you are best suited to help guide their transformation.

Heather shares her story below.

Who is your Dream Client and what results do you provide for them?

Overachievers who underestimate themselves, beat themselves up over failing, just because their work isn’t going as planned, never seem to get where they are striving to get to, and feel stuck while their insecurity is decreasing and anxiety is increasing.

Why are you passionate about the impact you’re making with your business?

Because I WAS one of my ideal clients, and my first-hand experience with my work and seeing the dramatic transformations my clients have from my Programs (especially Total Empowerment), is energizing and totally fulfilling!

Knowing that I am not only helping my client transform, it is the lives of everyone around them that benefit as well.

What advice would you give to another coach who is trying to scale their business for growth?

Hire Jessica. She is so down to earth and meets you where you are. She helps you understand at the most basic level, and if you aren’t ready to go as far as she suggests, the seeds of her knowledge are so deeply planted and nurtured by her mentoring style, you will find yourself ready sooner than you thought.

Jessica’s methods work. They set you apart from the rest and she helps you to work from a place of true authenticity, which creates the space for more joy and success

What has your experience been working with Jessica, Kweku and the Team?

I worked with Jessica before the team was on board, so I can only imagine how much more support they have available to clients.

Jessica was present, thoughtful, and posed enough challenge to excite you, but not too much that you felt you could never accomplish the goals.

Her presence allowed her to really hold space for me and her suggestions were always perfect and in line with my intention.

What is your before & after story (results) you’ve achieved since starting the Academy?

My confidence in saying ‘No thank you’ to clients who want to hire me, but that I know I wouldn’t enjoy working with.

Honoring that sense of disconnect and knowing the right ones will come, compared to taking on someone just to secure a paycheck.

Someone else is better suited to them and I am willing to trust the right clients for me, will be sent in their place.

Where can we learn more about your work and do you have a special gift to share?

You can find out more about me at my website and I would love to offer a Discovery Call to see if I can help others move past the obstacles that have been holding them back.

Whether it’s a reoccuring road block, lack of confidence, not feeling seen or heard, not feeling fulfilled or worse, feeling sad, lost or frustrated with their current situation.

Kylie WardHow Heather Learnt to Give Herself Permission to Charge….and the Confidence to Say No

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