How the Perfect Message Created a $3800 Client for Colleen!

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Hello Beautiful!

While attending a women’s retreat in beautiful Isla Mujeres last week, a fellow attendee reminded me of this well-known saying in our industry.

Your Mess is your Message.

I love this statement because it reminds me that as coaches, we are often just a few steps ahead of our ideal, dream clients.

Usually they are a version of ourselves…just a few years ago.

And the hardest thing we’ve endured….the biggest mess we’ve been in….often becomes the most alluring message that clients connect with, and ultimately hire us because of.

When Colleen came to me she was deeply passionate about helping others find their purpose.

And deeply passionate about helping millenials discover their ideal career.

And deeply passionate about spirituality…and, and and.

The problem was, she couldn’t quite convey what she did in words that made perfect sense because she wanted to offer SO much.

And she couldn’t show the value of the transformation that she so desperately provided.

You see, your mess can be your message….but if your message is just a MESS….nobody will get it.

My ultimate joy is helping our clients to take their story and their passion and turn that into a signature high-end program that provides massive results for their own clients and a massive boost to their bank account.

Check out the most incredible story of synchronicity, passion, faith and beautiful messaging that Colleen shares in this video below.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, charge what you’re worth and turn your packages into profitable, meaningful high-end offerings that allow you to create a business that is sustainable, apply to speak with a team member right here.


Be the success story,

Kylie WardHow the Perfect Message Created a $3800 Client for Colleen!

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