SUCCESS SPOTLIGHT: How She Mastered Her Message to Create $10k and Get Fully Booked!

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I am so excited to share with you this interview with powerhouse Accountability Coach and Permission to Charge Academy graduate, Jen Liddy.

She came into the Academy ready to roll up her sleeves and that’s exactly what she did.

But this story wasn’t all roses.  I want you to hear how LONG she was struggling before.

I want you to hear the trials and tribulations she went through to get to where she is now.

I want you to hear the moments of doubt and fear that she pushed through.

I want you to hear the exact secrets to her success and how she got fully booked, earned 10K and then created a group program that once filled, will net her another 20k (and yes she’s been enrolling that program like gang-busters too).

Because…honest-to-goodness…it all comes down to that market-to-message-match.

Whether you are a new or advanced Coach, I know you will get value from hearing what Jen has to say.

How amazing is her story!? Thank you so much Jen for being so open and sharing.

If you’re in the central New York area…you’ll want to see what she is up to..OR if you just want to see a fantabulous “group program” sales page that she and I co-created…view it here:…/

Be the Success Story

Kylie WardSUCCESS SPOTLIGHT: How She Mastered Her Message to Create $10k and Get Fully Booked!

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