FREE TRAINING: What NOT to Focus on in Your Coaching Biz (if you ACTUALLY want to make money!) Part 2

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Join me for Part 2 of this valuable training, highlighting the areas many entrepreneurs spend too much time on – so much so that it holds them back from achieving success in their business. In Part 1, I discussed spending too long working on your website, and staying stuck in the Solopreneur mindset. In this video, I break down why you need to: 1. Stop wanting it more for your clients than they want it … Read More

Kylie WardFREE TRAINING: What NOT to Focus on in Your Coaching Biz (if you ACTUALLY want to make money!) Part 2

This Breaks My Heart…

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I want to share with you one of the biggest reasons I see solopreneurs struggling to create a profitable business they love, let alone make ends meet. And it breaks my heart… Here it is: They buy into OPMS (OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY STORY.) So, having you been drinking the Kool-Aid and buying into OPMS? You have if you accept “I can’t afford it” as an answer and have no script to handle that objection.  You … Read More

jriverson32This Breaks My Heart…

How I constantly GROW my business (and you can too)

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So many of us aspiring or even veteran entrepreneurs wait until we have it all together before going to the next level of our business.  We agonize over the details and get paralyzed by perfection. When I was first coming up with my brand for my business, two months had gone by and it was still not complete.  And even with it being incomplete, I decided to go ahead and make it live anyway because … Read More

jriverson32How I constantly GROW my business (and you can too)

Do You Have a Signature System that Flies Off the Shelves?


Welcome to your week!  February is moving along quickly.  Hopefully you took some time to relax and rejuvenate over the weekend. If you have ever wondered why some 1:1 service providers seem to soar to success while others stay stuck in a financial rut, unable to break through their own financial ceiling then you’ll want to hear this: A Signature System will set you apart.  That’s right.  Clients want to see that what you have … Read More

jriverson32Do You Have a Signature System that Flies Off the Shelves?

Permission to Stop Hiding Your Gifts and Sell MORE!

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One of the most common complaints I hear from clients before working with me is that they have a fear and even a hatred of selling. This is why Sales is part 3 of my system to help my clients charge and receive their worth. Recently I heard Derek Halpern say in one of his videos that most people say things like “Wow, you’re a good sales person. You can sell ice to Eskimos!” Now, … Read More

jriverson32Permission to Stop Hiding Your Gifts and Sell MORE!

Permission to Brag

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Welcome to your beautiful week ahead. How is your year kicking off so far? I have had some time to reflect on 2014 and have endeavored into a very important project—gathering up my 2014 success stories so that I can add fresh new testimonials to my website, social media channels and other marketing materials. I’d like to invite you to do the same and I’ll share with you exactly why you want to use client … Read More

jriverson32Permission to Brag

Permission to Take Charge of Your Time

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I’m going to be completely honest with you:  For most of my life I felt that I wasn’t very good with time and task management.  While I kept appointments with others, I epically failed to keep appointments with my own self.  To make it worse, it made me feel like a horrible person every single time I broke my commitments, (which was daily) and caused me to lose trust in myself and feel like a … Read More

jriverson32Permission to Take Charge of Your Time

Permission to Prioritize Money

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Happy Monday to you. I want to get personal with you today. I want to talk about money. Recently, while working with a Money Breakthrough client I asked her where she put MONEY on the list of her top values, both personal and career-wise. After carefully looking at her top values she realized it hadn’t even occurred to her to put money at the top of either of those lists. In fact, money didn’t appear … Read More

jriverson32Permission to Prioritize Money

Permission to Take Imperfect Action

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I wanted to make sure you got my invitation to view my new website and my new online BRAND.  It’s all about giving yourself Permission to Charge your Worth, Package your Expertise, and Sell with Soul, so that finally your bank account can be as BIG as your passion for helping others. I’m super excited about it and I hope it inspires you to clarify and express your own personal brand too.  This process has … Read More

jriverson32Permission to Take Imperfect Action