Attention Soulful Service Provider:
Are you so passionate about helping others that it actually stands in your way from charging your worth, properly packaging your expertise and selling your services?

Welcome to Permission to Charge™ Headquarters,

My mission is to teach passionate women entrepreneurs how to Own your Worth & Master Money, Package Your Expertise and Sell with Soul so that FINALLY your bank account can be as BIG as your passion for helping others. It’s no mistake you’re here and I promise you, help is on the way.

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur who is….

  • Near six figures in revenue yet feeling Overworked & Underpaid? you desire to generate more revenue in a more elegant style but you need tools.
  • Educated, talented yet stuck in a Broken Business Model, you desire to move beyond packages to create programs and high-end offers that high-end clients will want to buy.
  • Struggling with the Discovery Session Model and you’re leaving money on the table, you desire to quickly master “soulful selling” to enroll clients
  • A Bonafide Expert, but you’re Not Getting Paid like One, you desire to work smarter, not harder.

OR perhaps you’re..

  • Still stuck at the Front Gate of your Coaching, Consulting, Healing or other Soulful Business,? you desire to make money with your passion but feel like you’re doing it all wrong.
  • Not charging your worth and you’re stuck on the under-earning hamster wheel? you desire to own your worth and finally master your relationship with money.
  • Unclear about your brand, your niche and ideal client or what to charge them? you desire to launch your new brand to finally live and work in your zone of genius.

Then you’re in exactly the right space for fast relief.

Many soul-driven entrepreneurs just like you tell me that you MUST be successful in your business if it’s the last thing you do. It’s a life-mission for you to be successful. I’m SO in alignment with that! In fact, solving the business challenges that keep YOU up at night, keeps ME up at night. That is how committed I am to your joy and prosperity in business.

If you’re that committed to your success, then don’t settle for the “Charging your Worth” issue any longer. I’ve identified 3 key areas for you to focus on.

1) Owning your Worth & Mastering Money. This is where healing your relationship with money and giving yourself Permission to Charge™ what you’re worth comes in.

2) Packaging your Expertise. Here is where the way you price & package your expertise is paramount to your success. In addition your brand online and offline (how you present & communicate) is a key ingredient to your success. Becoming personally branded is a must. This means everything from your card, your commercial, your website and your appearance.

3) Soulful Sales™. The ability to authentically and gracefully enroll clients into the services and products you provide will make or break you in this business.
Once you’ve mastered these steps, you’ll be on your way to serving the world with your gifts, and enjoying lifetime profits. In order to get started, I have designed three levels of support for you:

Not sure where to begin? Download your Permission to Charge™ Quiz to see how you score. Then, let’s chat to discover which program is right for your stage in business.

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